Loginserver Online
Gameserver Online
Server Features
Basic Rates

Max Window : 6
Experience (EXP) : x50
Skill Points (SP) : x50
Adena : 15x Drop Items : x15
Spoil: x15(chance/drop) Spoil Keys: x15(chance) x1(drop)
Blue Spoil (Active)
Craft Fundation : 3%
Safe Enchant +4(min) +12(max)
Scroll Enchant Chance 60%(normal) 70%(blessed) Vip gana mas 5%
Element Chance 50%(Stone) 35%(Crystal)
Buff Time 2Hour
Buff Slot 32
Dance/Song Slot 12
Debuff Slot 8
Trigger Slot 12
Mana Potion (Active)


Gm-Shop Community
Sell Buff Store
Buffer Scheme Community
Archivements System
Champions Mobs
Daily Reward
Daily Missions
Weekly Trader

Community Board

Sistema de reclutamiento automático por community board
Buffer Scheme
Raid Boss Status
Data base ( sin Go To)
Top Pvp.
Top Pk.
Top killer Raid.
Top Complete intances Solo.
Top Complete intances Solo.
Link a Facebook, Web y Foro.
General Shop.
Exclusive Shop. ( evento y voto )
Symbol Maker.
Tabla de eventos.
Global Shop ( para vender globalmente lo que se inicia en el vendor ó sin él )
Vote Reward system enabled . You can vote every 12 hours. All you need to do is type .vote
protection system Zone - Private 1 character for zones Grand Boss, Tw and siege
Bots Oficialy allowed